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Have you ever wondered what happens when running for political office?

Have you ever wondered what happens when running for political office? Elections are high stakes political events where the winner takes all, but how does a politician prepare for one?

On October 24 2022, voters in Peterborough, Ontario will elect the city’s mayor and council. Current Peterborough Councilman Stephen Wright is running for mayor this year, and this weekend, I was invited to shoot behind the scenes and candid photography for his door-to-door campaign blitz.

The effort and dedication it takes to run a mayoral campaign is enormous, and watching the Councillor plan and execute under the guidance of his talented campaign manager, Maryanne was inspiring.

From organising the volunteers, and making sure they were armed with the right info to go door to door, to mapping out each street and house the volunteers would visit, this blitz was a well orchestrated event.

When running for an election, the difference between winning and losing often comes down to the campaign strategy you employ.

How does photography play a role in the campaigning process?

It's known that a good campaign photo can help a candidate’s chances in an election, and great images will show a candidate’s personality and position while capturing the nuances of their city or ward.

When running a political campaign, it’s essential to take the proper steps to create great photos that will influence voters. A campaign is all about creating the identity of the candidate. That includes the candidate’s connection with the community and what makes them ideal for the position they are running for.

Stephen Wright planned his door-to-door campaign blitz this weekend to raise awareness of his brand and his platform. I was able to document his journey so that we have images and memories to share with the community for all the people he was not able to reach in August.

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